Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Method Right

Gordon Gannon missing the "off d lip" SUP wave riding Kite Beach, Method Right.

SUP Paddle Boarding Dominican Republic

Interview with National Champion John Holzhall.

Q. What do you think of Stand Up Paddle Boarding
A. I like everything except the name.

Q. What would you change it to?
A. Remo con Mesa...this means Paddle Board in Spanish.

Q. Tell us about your Paddle Board center in the DR.
A. It is freaking awesome!!! The Kite Beach Lagoon is only 100 meters from the Kite Beach, we have flat water jungle tours on one side and an incredible uncrowded Paddle Boarding Beach on the other side.

Q. Do you teach on both sides?
A. No, the lagoon side is safe enough to go unattended...the only thing that can happen back there is a person can get lost if they don't pay attention. The Kite Beach Lagoon is massive.
We teach SUP wave riding on the Ocean Side. We have a great spot but it requires, Technique, Strategy and Local Knowledge.

Q. They say this sport doesn't need any lessons.
A. Those guys who say that don't paddle in surf. Sure in the flats anyone can do it, but in waves there are things you really want to know and practice.

Q. Like what?
A. First thing is to learn how to turn a board with body weight, then how to surf the board with the paddle. A lot happens in the surf! We have an outer reef which is alive also.

Q. How much are lessons?
A. About $70usd.

Q. When do you go?
A. 7am daily.

Q. Which is more popular, SUP on the Lagoon or SUP in the Waves?
A. The Lagoon for sure...SUP fits perfect in the Lagoon and there is a lot that remains to be discovered. Plus anyone can do it. Wave riding is a skill which is acquired. Wave riding is great for the athlete.

Q. How do people book?
a. Stop by, email us or call 809-849-2147