Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Wave SUP action expected for Kite Beach Cabarete

Calm before the Storm for Kite Beach Cabarete

Quality small surf continued to roll into Kite Beach Cabarete as a Large Winter Storm approaches. This Low Pressure System looks will at some point displace the Bermuda High Pressure System which brings Kite Beach Cabarete Trade Winds.  There is a chance that there will be strong trade winds today as the southerly winds before the front mix with the the light winds caused by the heating of the Island.  This Low will bring Large Surf to Kite Beach Cabarete, Big Wave Paddle Boarding is expected by sunrise Tuesday. As the Low Passes there will be one morning of cranking westerly winds...Theese winds are expected Wednesday or Thursday...this will be the only opportunity for good kite action other than late Tuesday!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great conditions for beginner SUP on Kite Beach Cabarete

Wow...quality Wave Riding action in the morning followed by good kiting in the afternoon and evening.

Swell continues to roll onto Kite Beach Cabarete, cloud cover is keeping the wind off until later in the morning, making for clean wave riding conditions and almost Air Condition type Temperatures, in fact the water is much warmer than the air. Sun eventually burns off the clouds and the day´s heat builds and rises.  The trade winds fill in the void left by the rising hot air making for quality Kite Action. The hotter the day gets, the stronger the wind becomes. This is why Late will be Great for kite boarding!

A distant Low Pressure system will help keep this Perfect Waterman Weather in place for the next four days, after that the Next Big Front will barrel off the East Coast and bring us more good surf starting Tuesday Morning and possibly some Storm Kite Action Thursday and Friday.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Funky Big Surf

Big surf for Kite Beach Cabarete, but it´s all funked up. The Low Pressure System which brought us this quality surf stalled over Bermuda and has almost taken on Hurricane type characteristics.
Unfortunately this set up is pushing onshore winds which are not strong enough to kite but too strong for quality paddle boarding...basically the surf is Funked Up! Hopefully this will change as another large Low Pressure systems charges off the East Coast of the US. This next Low should clear the North Atlantic while bringing ridable surf and wind.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holy Swell Producer

Holy Swell Producer

Wow...Low Pressure Systems are rolling off the East Coast of the US. These fronts are bringing a LOTO swell to the North Shore of the Dominican Republic. The latest front will stall to the East North East of the Dominican Republic and push surf onto Kite Beach Cabarete for days. There really isn´t a better swell direction for Kite Beach Cabarete than East North East. Nothing blocks this swell, it just rolls up unto our reefs making for some awesome Big Wave Conditions. Looks like the stalled Low Pressure System will keep the winds lite on Kite Beach through next week.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wow... Swell Hits Kite Beach Cabarete

Oh ya...the swell hit and it is cranking...the wind stayed side off shore which made for some quality conditions. Only 4 guys ventured out on Paddle Boards at Kite Beach Cabarete. The Channel was open but surf was pounding. Once out side there were Hawaii 5-0 peaks with plenty of room to ride left and right. The side off shore wind worked perfectly with this swell direction. All in all it was a near perfect Big Wave Day on Kite Beach Cabarete.

Looks like the Swell will build through out the day and peak manana at Sunrise
Manana is going to be more about finding an Open Channel and a working Wave. Should be world class surf manana. let´s Paddle Board Kite Beach Cabarete.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SUP Storm heading to Kite Beach Cabarete

Should be good kiting action before the next Low Pressure system arrives. It looks like the moisture from this pressure system will arrive late night Thursday, there will be a southerly wind before the low which will mix with the Trade Winds to create quality Kite Boarding Action! This action will stop as the Low displaces the Bermuda High Pressure System.

Rain will hit first followed by massive swell. By the time this Low gets to the North Shore of the Dominican Republic it will loose steam meaning that we don´t expect a strong clearing wind. This Low should produce swell for an extended period making for quality SUP action after the rain clears.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Good SUP action on Kite Beach Cabarete

Here is the Action for the week of November 11th 2013
AM: Sup early, quality surf for entry level through advanced through Wednesday.
PM: Late will be Great for Kite Boarding. Trades will build in nicely.

Here is what is happening:
Still have nice surf rolling in on the outer reef at Kite Beach Cabarete. The next Low Pressure System will be charging off the East Coast of North America by mid week. This Low will:
1. Displace the Bermuda High which brings Kite Beach Cabarete Trade Winds.
2. Bring a ho loto swell to Kite Beach Cabarete.
The early mornings will be calm with a quality Paddle Boarding Wave followed by strong trade winds in the afternoon. Notice that there are two late season Tropical Storms trying to develop off the North Coast of South America. These small storms will allow additional wind and swell to roll onto Kite Beach Cabarete reefs.
By midweek a massive Low will be charging towards Kite Beach Cabarete. Notice that this is at the 78 hour mark or 3 days from this Monday Morning.
Look for quality entry level through advanced Paddle Boarding for Kite Beach Cabarete through mid week. Big Surf and Wind action will dominate later this week through the weekend. If you want to take advantage of quality SUP action and lite wind Kite action then email us at if you want to Paddle and Kite big wave action then be on the reef late this week through the weekend.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Perfect Paddle Boarding for a rainy Sunday

The blazing hot Sun is hiding behind the clouds which cover Kite Beach Cabarete. Overcast and rainy makes for perfect paddling through the Kite Beach Lagoon and the miles of SUP trails through the National Park.
The light drizzle  gives the feeling of paddling through the Rain Forest and the cool temperature makes for very comfortable paddling. So if you want to get some exercise, paddle through a beautiful National park and enjoy Organic Foods stop in the Method Shop on Kite Beach or email us at

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trades are back on Kite Beach Cabarete.

Trades are back on Kite Beach Cabarete.

hmmm...quality window for morning paddle boarding and late afternoon kite boarding for Kite Beach 

The swell is waining which will make it great for those who want to check out the Sport of 
Paddle Boarding. By 10am the Trade Winds will build bringing great afternoon and evening Kite Action for Kite Beach Cabarete. This will all change as a massive Low Pressure System comes off the East Coast of North American. This swell will bring Kite Beach Cabarete massive surf starting late next week. So if you want to take advantage of perfect learning conditions for Paddle and Kite Boarding, email us at If you want to Kite and Surf huge on Kite Beach next weekend.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Paddle Board Rentals Lessons and Tours, Kite Beach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Method Lodge gets award for best all around SUP Spot!  Wedged between the Kite Beach Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the Method Lodge is in a perfect SUP position. No matter the wind or surf, the Kite Beach Lagoon is always fun for paddling. The Lagoon is massive and has miles and miles of trails which snake through the National Park, into the Kite Beach Lagoon as well as going to the mountain. The Beach side offers incredible sunrise wave riding action, generally, there are more good breaks than paddlers. Add in ocean front hotels, year round warm air and water and you have the ingredients for the Best All Round SUP spot.
SUP tours and Rentals, Cabarete Dominican Republic
SUP tours and Rentals, Cabarete Dominican Republic
SUP Kite cabarete
SUP rentals and tours, SUP tours and Rentals, Cabarete Dominican Republic

SUP Video

Kiteboarder Nick Tobolski put this quality video together of Paddle Boarding the Kite Beach Lagoon…hey Nick…thank you very mucho
SUP Video, Kite Beach Dom. Rep.

How to get a perfect Booty

Brazilian girls have round, firm, tanned booties because they get up every morning, grab a body board, fins and hit the water kicking. There is no “booty exercise” that is better for you or more fun. Join us at the Method Lodge for daily Fun, Sun, Exercise and Organic Foods.Paleo Body

Sea Almonds the Ultimate Paleo Food

One of our staples at the Method Lodge are Sea Almonds…Sea Almonds are the ultimate Paleo foods. They fall like rain, can be stored for years, are easy to sun dry as well as open.  Here is a quick “how to” on how to find, process and eat Sea Almonds. We offer camps and vacations at the Method Lodge which include organic foods, Paddle Boarding and Kite Boarding. Contact us to book your trip.