Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kite Beach Living,

Interview with SUP and Kite Board Coach, Maui John, about 2012 Hurricane Season for Kite Beach and the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Hurricane Season 2012 wave predictions, SUP, Paddleboarding, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Q. What is your surf forecast for 2012?
A. I just came in from a nice session off a Tropical Wave  . It's was an early wave and i'm looking for an all time SUP 2012 Hurricane Season.

Q. Most of the Hurricane Experts are calling for a mild Hurricane Season, but not you?
A. Ya, there is a big difference between a good surfable swell and a Named Storm. See those guys don't care about the Tropical Wave we just surfed this morning. To them it almost does not exist, to those who crave the wave, these type swells are very important. Look for a lot of surfable swell in 2012 Hurricane Season.

Q. I see, 5 Tropical Waves could be better that one Hurricane that hits the coast.
 A. Ya, more times then not a Named Storm close by does not throw Sup or Surf waves without a lot of wind.

Q. So what are you calling for?
A. A lot of Tropical Storms and Waves, consistent easterly Swell making for quality SUP, Paddle Board waves.

Q. Why do you think this?
A. Heat is gonna be the thing this season...already it's hot and already there is good movement from Africa to through the Dominican Republic.      

Maui John Coaches every level of Paddle Boarding and Kiteboarding from the Method Shop on Kite Beach.  If you are interested in How to Kite Surf or  How to SUP contact Maui John. 809-849-2147.

The SUP and Surf Map pictured above shows the SUP Waves, the Method Shop, and the Kite Beach Lagoon where the SUP Tours and Coaching Happen.