Monday, November 11, 2013

Good SUP action on Kite Beach Cabarete

Here is the Action for the week of November 11th 2013
AM: Sup early, quality surf for entry level through advanced through Wednesday.
PM: Late will be Great for Kite Boarding. Trades will build in nicely.

Here is what is happening:
Still have nice surf rolling in on the outer reef at Kite Beach Cabarete. The next Low Pressure System will be charging off the East Coast of North America by mid week. This Low will:
1. Displace the Bermuda High which brings Kite Beach Cabarete Trade Winds.
2. Bring a ho loto swell to Kite Beach Cabarete.
The early mornings will be calm with a quality Paddle Boarding Wave followed by strong trade winds in the afternoon. Notice that there are two late season Tropical Storms trying to develop off the North Coast of South America. These small storms will allow additional wind and swell to roll onto Kite Beach Cabarete reefs.
By midweek a massive Low will be charging towards Kite Beach Cabarete. Notice that this is at the 78 hour mark or 3 days from this Monday Morning.
Look for quality entry level through advanced Paddle Boarding for Kite Beach Cabarete through mid week. Big Surf and Wind action will dominate later this week through the weekend. If you want to take advantage of quality SUP action and lite wind Kite action then email us at if you want to Paddle and Kite big wave action then be on the reef late this week through the weekend.

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