Monday, November 4, 2013

Paddle Board Rentals Lessons and Tours, Kite Beach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Method Lodge gets award for best all around SUP Spot!  Wedged between the Kite Beach Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the Method Lodge is in a perfect SUP position. No matter the wind or surf, the Kite Beach Lagoon is always fun for paddling. The Lagoon is massive and has miles and miles of trails which snake through the National Park, into the Kite Beach Lagoon as well as going to the mountain. The Beach side offers incredible sunrise wave riding action, generally, there are more good breaks than paddlers. Add in ocean front hotels, year round warm air and water and you have the ingredients for the Best All Round SUP spot.
SUP tours and Rentals, Cabarete Dominican Republic
SUP tours and Rentals, Cabarete Dominican Republic
SUP Kite cabarete
SUP rentals and tours, SUP tours and Rentals, Cabarete Dominican Republic

SUP Video

Kiteboarder Nick Tobolski put this quality video together of Paddle Boarding the Kite Beach Lagoon…hey Nick…thank you very mucho
SUP Video, Kite Beach Dom. Rep.

How to get a perfect Booty

Brazilian girls have round, firm, tanned booties because they get up every morning, grab a body board, fins and hit the water kicking. There is no “booty exercise” that is better for you or more fun. Join us at the Method Lodge for daily Fun, Sun, Exercise and Organic Foods.Paleo Body

Sea Almonds the Ultimate Paleo Food

One of our staples at the Method Lodge are Sea Almonds…Sea Almonds are the ultimate Paleo foods. They fall like rain, can be stored for years, are easy to sun dry as well as open.  Here is a quick “how to” on how to find, process and eat Sea Almonds. We offer camps and vacations at the Method Lodge which include organic foods, Paddle Boarding and Kite Boarding. Contact us to book your trip.

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